Initial post

In this initial post, I discuss my objectives for this blog.


Writing allows me to collect my thoughts and findings to create more well-formed opinions.

“The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.”

After reading an insightful article or having a deep conversation, new ideas and thoughts often slip away. Writing is a form of thinking, which I feel really helps me to slow down and expand on new ideas that are profound to the subject.

Personal retrospective

Reading back entries and piecing together a collective of small logs allows us to form an unintentional, and yet genuine narrative about our personal growth.

I feel that this creates a certain sense of accountability for habits I’m trying to build/projects that I’m working on.

It’s fun

Having my own space to speak about whatever I please is honestly pretty fun. This blog is written selfishly; by and for myself.

🍻 Here’s to future blog posts!